YEO’s 2021 Highlights

We knew from the start of 2021 that this year would bring plenty of possibilities for us. From garnering new partnerships with globally-known businesses and organisations to welcoming brand new, brilliant members to our team. We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished this year, so without further adieu, these are YEO’s 2021 highlights.


YEO Messaging Re-Launched On The App Stores

As of April (after receiving honest feedback from our users), YEO completely redesigned the app to fit more in line with the business requirements rather than the consumer that it was originally designed for. We improved the performance and overall user experience, which has been a total game-changer.

Also, users can now enjoy even more control of what they share and how they share it, by either using our YEO Mode toggle, giving them the choice of which messages require facial recognition to be seen. We realised that not all messages or shared information require super security, and we were happy to find our users responding well to this new update. 


We Ran A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign 

In March, we went live with a crowdfunding campaign on SEEDRS, where we successfully smashed nearly 170% of our target by raising £847,000 from our original £500,000, from 649 investors. In fact, we managed to reach our original target less than one week from going live with the campaign. This is a testament to our amazing product and fantastic team!


We’ve Almost Completed Our Seed Round

On the topic of investments, YEO has managed to raise £1.2M of our seed investment round this year. It goes without saying that we are incredibly thankful for the support given to us throughout our journey thus far and we welcome all our new shareholders and those that reinvested.


The YEO Team Grew In Numbers

Since the start of 2021, we were adamant about building our team with more brilliant minds. We have thus far gained 6 new members, all individually specializing in Web & App Development, UI Design, Marketing, Copy Writing and Business Development. Without these key additions to YEO, we wouldn’t have achieved nearly as much as we did. We are now looking forward to growing our team even further in 2022!


We Gained Invaluable Partnerships

In August, YEO was selected to be part of the Lloyd’s Lab Accelerator Program, joining 6 other exceptional start-ups in Cohort 7. We were honoured to be working alongside our wonderful mentors at the iconic Lloyd’s of London building and worked hard at putting together our Cyber Incident Response Solution

Our Cyber Solution focussed on reducing the multi-day incident and response process to just one hour, reducing the loss from a cyber event by a minimum of 20% and enabling business continuity in the event of a cyber attack.

The response we received after presenting this at Lloyd’s Lab Demo Day and Tradeshow was considerable and helped us in securing a letter of intent. Additionally, it has opened up several other doors to various businesses and organisations looking to incorporate our Cyber Solution into their processes, with whom we are currently in discussions. 

Other partnerships that we at YEO are extremely excited about include:

  • A Global Children’s Online Protection organisation, from which we have secured a letter of intent,
  • The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe plans to roll out our YEO product to their full network and will be the very first users of our YEO Pro product in early 2022.


Suffice to say, we are honoured to have had such wonderful opportunities this year and we look forward to an even more promising 2022. 

We would like to give special thanks to:

  • Streets Consulting for helping us with strategy & marketing; 
  • Tribefirst for helping us with our marketing throughout our crowdfunding campaign; 
  • LinkiLaw, our legal partners; 
  • Our advisors who, throughout the year, has supported us in various ways – from webinars to introductions;
  • And last (but certainly not least), a massive thank you to our YEO users.


 Watch this space to follow along in YEO’s exciting journey!