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Security like you've never known it

Still sending confidential documents in the post?
Save money and guarantee peace of mind by switching to YEO.

Your Information Protected

  • Double ratchet end-to-end encryption
  • Messages are encrypted immediately and only stored in the cloud for 14 days after sending


  • Lock viewing to specific locations
  • Easy to use geo-fence perimeter settings
  • Single use geo fence or geo fenced group chat

Control lies with you

  • Sender can delete content at any time
  • Sender decides when and where content is viewed through time and location features
  • Content is only viewable by the recipient, who can’t save it or forward it on

Your privacy is what gets us up in the morning


We’re constantly adding new features to keep you
and your content protected.

Your business dealings in safe hands.

Thanks to our geo-fence technology and facial recognition software, YEO assures privacy, control and conformance when sharing documents and messages with your clients, team members and partners.

Our business package

  • Choose whether you host data on our servers or yours
  • Works with your existing infrastructure
  • Simple QR code option for your clients
  • Enterprise solution with active directory support

Invite Your Audience

  • Link to download the YEO app enabled for free view.
  • Reach anyone with a smartphone or desktop camera.
  • Real-time KYC to re-confirm recipient identities.

See the Benefits

  • Instant saving on postage.
  • KYC at minimal cost.
  • Complete biometric security.

YEO puts
you in control

YEO is available for iOS now, with Android, YEO for business, and desktop versions coming very soon.

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YEO For Business

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • Site licenses
  • View and send messages, images, video and document files
  • One-to-one and group chats
  • Private and secure communications for internal and client teams
  • Add on service that allows clients to view files securely through YEO


  • Larger business please get in touch to find out more about YEO for enterprise.