Success! YEO closes nearly 170% of our target.

After a lot of hard work and effort from the team, we are pleased to announce that our Seedrs equity crowdfunding campaign successfully raised just shy of £847,000 from around 649 investors!
That is a whopping 169% of our original £500,000 target. We actually hit our target less than a week after going live which is testament to our amazing product and wonderful team.
A big thank you to everyone who invested in YEO ‒ we are incredibly pleased to have you all on board for this next exciting stage of our growth. It is great to grow a community of people who are all keen to enhance their personal privacy and share our passion for all things privacy related.

Thanks also to everyone who introduced YEO to new business opportunities ‒ we are very excited to follow up on all our new leads. Please keep them coming.

As a thank you to all our investors and early-adopters ‒ who we are calling our “Founding YEO Users” ‒ we would like to invite you all to sign up and be included in exclusive access to new products, features and receive discounts on pro products in the future.
You will receive an email with more information once we have finalised our campaign and received a complete investor list from Seedrs.

What’s next for YEO?

While we have closed our Seedrs campaign, we will be working on completing the rest of the seed round until the end of June. This includes commitments from other direct investors who will be contributing larger amounts. We are hoping to reach a total target of £1.5M by the end of June.

The investment from both Seedrs and our wider seed round will allow us to hire more development staff, accelerate our growth, develop new features and support our marketing. We have already hired two new fantastic people, including a very experienced Server Side Architect who previously worked for HSBC, Morgan Stanley and RBS and a Senior Android Developer. We are also looking to hire a Senior UI Visual Designer as well as expand our sales support team. If you know anyone who may be suitable or are interested in applying yourself, please get in touch at info@yeomessaging.com

Finally, our apps are about to go live in the google play and apple App store. If you haven’t already downloaded our Beta version, you can download here: www.yeomessaging.com/get-yeo