YEO Continuous Facial Recognition SDK

Continuous Facial Recognition For All

We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that redefine secure communication in the digital age. The YEO SDK is a comprehensive software package that integrates YEO’s cutting-edge continuous facial recognition technology into third-party applications. By leveraging our patented technology, the YEO SDK enables businesses to implement advanced authentication solutions seamlessly into their existing platforms, ensuring robust security and user privacy.


Key Features

Facial Recognition

Continuous Facial Recognition

YEO SDK offers continuous facial recognition for real-time user authentication and security.

Multi-faceted recognition

Multi-Faceted Detection

Detects faces, verifies age, and recognizes gender to provide comprehensive user insights.

Real time

Real-Time Authentication

Ensures ongoing user verification throughout the interaction, maintaining security at all times.


Efficiency Engineered

Optimized for minimal resource usage, providing seamless performance without compromising security.


Customizable Integration

Easily integrate the YEO SDK into existing applications with flexible integration options.

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Powering Protection & Privacy

Experience heightened security and user privacy with seamless integration for a smooth user experience. YEO’s continuous facial recognition ensures robust security, while real-time identity verification protects sensitive data.