YEO’s UK Patent Has Been Granted

It’s no secret that filing patents protect your intellectual property and keeps competitors at bay, which is why YEO Messaging is proud to announce that the UK patent has been granted (UK 2200835.3), which in addition to the existing USA patent ( US10,607,035 Issued May 2020) gives YEO quite the impressive patent portfolio. YEO has also pending patents in Europe and China.


What exactly have we patented? 


Using a biometric function (such as facial recognition) as a condition for continual viewing of any digital content such as a desktop, mobile, or tablet. The process involves the continual use of facial recognition linked to the visibility of the content on the device screen. So as long as the person is looking at the message or attachment, it will remain visible for them to see. However, if the person looks away, the content will cease to be shown and the content will be blurred, the same goes for if two faces are identified – aka YEO Mode!


For more information on how YEO’s facial recognition feature works, check out this article