YEO’s Top Tips for Protecting your Personal Data.

1 – Beware the free WiFi network.

Only use secure WiFi networks that you know and trust. Sure, that free coffee shop WiFi is convenient when you’re stuck between meetings, but there’s no telling who’s watching that traffic… whether it’s a coffee company wanting to bombard you with ads, or a shady stranger at the corner table sleuthing for credit card details.

2 – Don’t be too social

Social media might feel like a closed conversation between your nearest and dearest, but even if your only followers are a few ex-colleagues, your school friends and your mum, you could have a few more eyeballs than you thought on your holiday selfies and baby pictures. Keep your profiles private, otherwise you might as well put a poster on your front door that invites burglars to have a look around while you sip cocktails in the sunshine.

3 – Switch your search engine

Most search engines log your browsing history so that they can offer your information to advertisers who think you’ll be interested in what they’re pedalling. If you’re not keen on this idea (we certainly aren’t), there are search engines out there that promise not to keep tabs on you, so you can browse memes and kitten pictures to your heart’s content.

4 – If you can use a password, do so

Everything – from your work laptop to the tablet you use for Netflix binges – should be password protected. If a site or app offers two-factor authentication, turn it on. It’s basic steps like this that will go a long way to keeping your data secure.

5 – Use YEO (obviously)

This goes without saying, right? Using YEO means your messages and attachments will always be protected by advanced end-to-end encryption and continuous facial recognition. Plus, you can use extra security features like geo-fencing that put you in control of where, when and how your content is viewed. The more people you encourage to use YEO with you, the more of your conversations are protected.