YEO Welcomes Stepan Dihich To The Team!

Stepan joins us as lead UI/UX Designer who will be responsible for the design of the YEO product suite, the website and the brand.


Stepan started his professional career as a web designer, crafting landing pages and websites for brands all around the world. However, he soon realised that his true passion was crafting digital user experiences. He was able to grow his skills in this field and very quickly learned how to work on complex web and mobile apps.


“I enjoy being with YEO because our team consists of people who have a strong belief in what we do and we work in an environment where everybody is welcome to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns.”


During this time, Stepan was training himself in graphic design and was working towards building a comprehensive set of skills needed to tackle the UI/UX Design industry. He worked alongside various US and Canadian based agencies as both a full and part-time designer, but always wanted to join a company that was working from the ground up as to be part of the journey in reaching its success.


Placing his focus on creating the best user experience solutions based on user habits, research and data (as well as his own knowledge and experience), Stepan states that his talent for logic, attention to detail and analytical thinking comes from the years spent playing chess in his childhood. It taught him to find unique solutions to complicated problems among many other, more obvious or mediocre solutions. We have to agree, these skills are certainly what gives him his edge as a UX designer.