YEO Secure Messaging For Healthcare Professionals

In today’s digital world, instant communication has never been easier. With numerous messaging apps on the market, there truly is no shortage of ways in which we can communicate with one another. However, what does this mean for businesses that have to comply with strict compliance regulations? And in this case, the healthcare industry.


We first saw a real rise in instant communication between healthcare providers and patients at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the world’s governing bodies allowing sensitive patient information to be received and sent via SMS. As effective as this communication style is, it opened up Pandora’s box of new ways to exploit sensitive patient data.


In the middle of 2020, French health institutions came under attack by cybercriminals resulting in over 1.4 million people’s data being breached. Hackers illegally gained access to confidential data, including names, social security numbers, contact information and medical records. What’s more concerning, is that this wasn’t the first or last time the healthcare sector has been under threat from cybercriminals. In fact, the first half of 2020 saw a 50% increase in healthcare-related cyber breaches alone, and that number has continued to rise since.


In accordance with the GDPR and specifically HIPAA regulations, doctor/patient confidentiality is paramount, while doctors all take a Hippocratic Oath (one of the oldest binding documents in history), promising to keep their privileged patient data completely private. Compliance infringements are rising with fines for breaches of confidential patient data continuing to increase. Despite this, Doctors and patients continue to communicate using instant messaging. They are relying on trust, but lose control the moment they hit send. 


This is why we are so proud to introduce the YEO Messaging Solution for Healthcare. Not only is YEO GDPR and HIPAA compliant, but it incorporates unique features that put immense focus on privacy and security. 


To find out more about why YEO is the perfect healthcare communication solution watch the case study video here:



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