YEO Messaging Supports ‘No Place To Hide’ Campaign

A new government-backed campaign is calling for social media platforms to put a halt on end-to-end encryption (E2EE), reasoning that it makes it harder to detect online child abuse. A spokesperson for the ‘No Place To Hide’ campaign (launching Tuesday, 18 January 2022), stated: “We’re calling on social media platforms to make a public commitment that they will only implement end-to-end encryption when they have the technology to ensure children’s safety won’t be put in jeopardy as a result.”


With a mission to provide the world with authenticated, private messaging, YEO is the only messaging application that guarantees delivery to the person rather than just the device. Privacy and security are guaranteed with patented continuous facial recognition so that only the designated recipient can see the message and view the content. The sender has complete control as content cannot be screenshot, copied, saved or forwarded unless allowed.


Sarah Norford-Jones, Co-Founder of YEO Messaging said, “We started YEO because we wanted to protect people online. We were disturbed by the lack of trust in existing messaging platforms and launched YEO to enforce trust and ensure our users know who they are talking to. This initiative further highlights the reason why we started YEO”.


Unlike its competitors, YEO is a private and secure communication platform where users can only communicate with people they already know, eliminating any form of grooming, catfishing and fraud. Every invite must be verified before any communication can take place. 


YEO’s facial verification feature ensures that users can always be certain of who they are messaging with. Additionally, YEO is in the process of implementing an in-app report feature, which will allow users to inform the company of any imposters. These measures protect YEO users from all forms of abuse within the platform.


YEO Messaging is currently working with SafeToNet to further enhance the protection of children online. YEO is committed to protecting its users while working hand-in-hand with global organisations that share the same mission. 


For more information on our privacy practices, check out our security page.