What Is YEO Mode And How Do We Use It?

Facial recognition technology has taken the world by storm in recent years and has been used for everything from unlocking devices to logging into accounts effortlessly. Read more on how YEO uses facial recognition (aka YEO Mode) to safeguard your messages.

When we think of regulated industries like legal or healthcare, one thing that comes to mind is that ensuring confidentiality is the highest priority – both between colleagues and clients. This means that anyone other than the intended recipient cannot see the private correspondence. This is highly illegal and does not comply with regulations such as the HIPPA, The Federal Trade Commission and GDPR.


This is why YEO uses facial recognition technology to authenticate the viewer of the messages and content continuously. We use patented continuous facial recognition to ensure that the intended recipient is the only person that can view the message – we call this feature YEO Mode.


So how does YEO Mode work? Our users can enrol their facial biometrics when creating an account that will allow them to send YEO Mode messages. Any messages sent with YEO mode require the recipient to be continually authenticated to view. The recipient would have to enrol their facial biometrics to view the message/s. All biometric data is stored securely on the user’s device, not our servers. This feature ensures that no one else but the intended recipient and sender can see what has been sent, and should an unverified face look at the messages, the message will blur.


One thing to keep in mind is that YEO messages are all encrypted, meaning that no one (not even us) can see your messages. YEO Mode is what sets us apart from our competition, and we are the only messaging platform that protects content when it has reached the device and the only platform that can guarantee delivery to a person and not just a device.


When pairing YEO mode with our other unique features like Geofencing and Burn-After-Reading, YEO completely eliminates the likelihood of someone else peeping into your private conversations. 


Try out our YEO Mode feature by downloading YEO on App Store or Google Play