What Is Geofencing And How Do We Use It?

Technology today has meant absolutely anything is available at the touch of a button. Essentially, we can run our entire lives from our smartphones. And there is a direct correlation between the speed at which new technology is introduced and the consumer demand for efficiency and convenience. But as convenient as that is, what does that mean for our online security?


There’s no denying that the need for ultra-private online communication is something that is becoming increasingly more popular and when one takes into consideration that 41% of UK adults prefer to receive medical test results, banking credentials and other financial information via text message – it’s time to consider not only how we accommodate this need, but also how we safely implement these digital infrastructures.


Picture these scenarios: Your business is working on classified information that absolutely cannot be seen by anyone other than the parties involved in the project. Or maybe you’re a doctor who needs to consult with a specialist on one of your patient’s conditions but cannot have that information being leaked due to doctor/patient confidentiality. Or perhaps you’re a lawyer, working on a case and are expecting crucial documents as evidence that prove your client’s innocence, but that must remain under wraps until your next court date.


How can you ensure that in these cases, all the information stays 100% private and can only be viewed in a specific location by the intended recipient? Simple: Sending a message on YEO using our Geofence setting.


Using YEO’s geofence feature allows the sender to control where their message is viewed down to a minimum of 30m radius – such as an office block or the recipient’s home. When the recipient leaves this location, the message content is no longer visible, ensuring that no one can view it outside of the environment it was intended for.


This means that whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, bank manager, accountant – or anyone who works in a regulated or compliant controlled industry, you can use YEO’s Geofencing setting to safeguard your correspondence.


When pairing geofencing with our other unique features such as continuous facial recognition and Burn-After-Reading, YEO completely eliminates the likelihood of someone else peeping into your private messages; keeping what you send or receive totally concealed and restricted to the location you’re in.


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