Read the fine print…It’s time to make the switch to a messaging platform that takes your privacy seriously.

On February 8th all WhatsApp Users will need to agree to the updated privacy policy to continue to use the messaging service – a compulsory change in its terms of service, expected since last year when Facebook announced their plans to merge the sharing of data across all its platforms, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

If you are a WhatsApp user you most likely have already spotted a pop-up on your phone suggesting that the service has updated its privacy policy along with a very prominent ‘I Agree’ button. The average user has probably skipped reading the new terms, however changes to one of the most popular chat apps (owned by Facebook) is always worth familiarising yourself with.

The app collects a lot of metadata related to the account such as the phone number, your profile picture, your usage patterns and device data. The update will now also allow for a tighter integration between WhatsApp and Facebook’s backend, particularly where Facebook’s business customers engage on WhatsApp with their customers and to help Facebook personalise ads across its platform.

Apple have recently implemented a more transparent approach to privacy as they now have enforced all apps on the app store to show what data they collect from their users. Forbes published this diagram which exposes the “data linked to you” comparing the most popular social and messaging platforms. We have added YEO to highlight our stance on your personal data.

Times are changing, and the public focus for an alternative to Facebook dominated social media and messaging applications is demonstrated by negative press and the recommendation from leading entrepreneurs to switch to alternative secured messaging applications. YEO are currently running a private beta and plan to have a public beta running mid February. Take your private messaging to the next level and join us www.yeomessaging.com/beta