Our Chief Security Officer Shares How You Can Stay Safe Online

Our Chief Security Officer (and one of our Co-Founders), Luca Rognoni, is a highly experienced software engineer with over 30 years experience in design and coding digital rights management, anti-virus, encrypted systems and other security software. To say that he is a cyber security expert is an understatement.

At YEO he is responsible for YEO’s internal security, penetration resistance and global threat tolerance – in other words, making YEO the most secure app it can be.

Here is his expert view on all the cybersecurity mistakes you make everyday:

Social Engineering

If you get an unexpected email or call from someone asking for personal information, be wary. Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information and it’s a common method used by hackers to access your data. Always verify any such requests with the company directly before handing out sensitive info.


Clean up your rubbish

It’s easy to forget that what you discard in the trash can also be a security risk. Make sure to shred any paper documents containing sensitive information and wipe your hard drive before recycling or disposing of old devices.By being mindful of these threats, you can help keep your data secure and protect yourself from potential cyber-attacks.

Free Wi-Fi Sites

Connecting to unsecured and free Wi-Fi sites can be a recipe for disaster. Not only does it put your personal data at risk, but also the devices you are using. That is why it is important to always opt for a secure connection when in public spaces.

Connected Devices

Connected devices are everywhere now, from laptops to smartphones to smart home appliances. While they offer convenience and comfort, they also open up the possibility of cyber-attacks. Make sure your connected device is secure by ensuring it has the latest updates and is protected with a strong password. User should also avoid cheap IoT devices as they often don’t provide enough built-in security due to lack of proper implemented security controls in the software and in the hardware compared with major and popular brands.

Encrypted and Authenticated Messaging

Unprotected messages are a major vulnerability when it comes to cybersecurity. To ensure your conversations stay safe, use encrypted and authenticated messaging services like YEO Messaging, which offers secure end-to-end encryption and authentication of participants in the conversation.