Meet The Founder | Luca Rognoni

I started as a software and hardware reverse engineering and device driver developer on Microsoft and Linux platforms back in 1999, with a focus on file system filter and network filter drivers. Real core system stuff. It also has some interesting security applications, which got me interested in developing antivirus and anti-malware software.

So, I moved into developing antivirus and anti-malware kernel engines and digital rights management (DRM) solutions for software and data, including the DRM solution used by Microsoft Game Studio to protect Windows PC games.

With everything moving onto mobile platforms, I decided to move into mobile developing and mobile security. I worked at Vierfire for around six years, helping to develop keyless two-factor authentication (2FA) for mobile devices, as well as various other security features for mobile.



Over the years, I have developed a deep passion for everything that is information security related. I have a particular interest in low-level reverse engineering of software and hardware protection systems and cryptography. This is how I got involved with YEO Messaging.

I had already worked with Alan Jones on various software projects involving information security and privacy protection. This partnership culminated in the birth of YEO Messaging. 

Our aim with YEO was not only to focus on privacy and security from end-users’ and businesses point of view, but to securely create a mutually trusted and authenticated channel between them. 

In simple terms, we wanted to create the most secure messaging network that we could by using both end-to-end encryption and securing the message on the mobile device itself.

It was clear to both of us that a highly-secure messaging platform would have a great number of use-cases, from the legal and insurance industry to communication in medical fields. Anyone who knows about mobile security knows that current messaging solutions, like WhatsApp, simply aren’t secure enough to protect sensitive data, and the number of high profile hacks and leaks only prove this point.



With so many use cases for business, I can see almost endless possibilities for YEO. As security and privacy become a bigger concern for consumers, I think there will be a big market for solutions like YEO which protect message content both in-transit and on the end-user’s device.

I see YEO merging integrity, confidentiality, authentication, authorisation and auditing in a single secure communication system to exchange data in B2B and B2C.

As the world becomes more technologically integrated, securing networks will be an increasingly important part of doing business. New tech companies are already featuring security audits in their IPOs and I think we will see this becoming a requirement of almost all businesses in the years to come. 

YEO is the perfect solution to solve these challenges and can play a central role in security infrastructure of businesses around the world.