Keeping Communications Secure in Regulated Industries

In today’s digital world, secure communication is of paramount importance. In highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and government, the need for secure messaging solutions is even greater. To ensure that communications remain confidential, many organisations are turning to facial recognition technology to protect their data. YEO Messaging provides a secure messaging solution through its use of patented continuous facial recognition to authenticate users and guarantee the security of messages sent over its platform.

Facial Recognition

YEO (stands for Your Eye only) uses an in app advanced facial recognition system to identify users and verify their identities. Our software scans the user’s face which then must be matched against the profile photo they set to their account. This process ensures that only the authorised person can access the platform, as well as guaranteeing that no one else can impersonate the user in order to gain access.

End-To-End Encryption

All messages sent on YEO are secured with end-to-end encryption evading any form of interception or in transmission viewing. This combined with the continuous facial recognition makes our platform an incredibly secure for sending messages in regulated industries.


We have patented the process of continuous facial recognition to display content which means if the face is not authenticated continuously then the message or content is not displayed. This ensures that the correct person with access to the message is viewing them and it eliminates any chance of interception, breach of confidentiality by the recipient, sharing, copying or even screenshotting the message content. The use of facial recognition technology has not only enhanced user security, but it improves the overall user experience. By verifying identities quickly and efficiently, we can make it easier for users to access their messages and data with confidence. This makes it an ideal solution for business in regulated industries that require secure messaging.

By using YEO, you can be sure that your conversations remain confidential and secure regardless of who might try to access them. The combination of facial recognition technology and encrypted messages means that you can rely on us for secure communications in regulated industries. With YEO, you have peace of mind that your conversations remain confidential and are only seen by the intended recipient.

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