Getting started with facial recognition.

The YEO facial recognition top tips.

Ready to send your first ultra-private, ultra-secure message? Whether it’s a silly selfie or a top-secret dossier, you’ll need to get to grips with our continuous facial recognition feature to send it.

Here’s how it works: the technology maps your face and remembers it. Each time a face comes into view of the device, YEO compares that face to its memory of yours. If the faces don’t match, you won’t see the content.. The good news is, the technology is AI-based, so it gets smarter as it learns, but that means there are a few things that might interfere with it, especially at the start. Here are some pointers on getting the best out of YEO.

1 – Give it a minute. Like a human brain, YEO needs to get to know your face and how it changes day-to-day, so if you put your glasses on, take them off, grow a beard, change your ‘do, or try out a new make-up look, it might take a little longer to recognise you. The more versions of you it sees, the more it will recognise, so be patient.

2 – See the whole picture. Facial recognition only works when the camera can see your whole face, so make sure your face is fully visible in the viewer.

3 – Don’t glare. That doesn’t mean you can’t frown when things get serious… just watch out for any bright lights creating glare on the camera or your face.

4 – Follow the light. Just like you, dim lighting makes telling faces apart tricky business.Make sure your face is well lit so that the camera can see you.

5 – Eye eye! Your eyes are a big part of how YEO recognises you, so make sure they’re clearly visible. This means that while normal glasses are a-ok, sunglasses are a no-no, no matter how cool they make you look.

Got it? Great! Now go forth, and private-message!