Ever Heard Of Nude Swapping?

Google At Your Own Peril

You may or may not have heard of ‘nude-swapping’, the act of men swapping their wives/husbands’ or girlfriends/boyfriends’ nudes on the internet like pokemon cards. One would assume that these exchanges happen only on the dark corners of the internet – however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. One simple Google search brings you to pages upon pages of sites and chat rooms where anyone can access intimate images to view and exchange. 


Another term that could be loosely used to describe this act, and one that is more well-known, is revenge porn. However, that doesn’t quite cover the extent of nude swapping. You see, nude-swapping is the act of sharing (without consent) your beloved significant others’ images without them ever knowing, whereas revenge porn is just that: the act of posting your current or previous lover’s images in an act of spite and bitterness to cause harm or shame. 


It’s estimated that 80% of nonconsensual porn is used as ‘revenge porn’ or ‘nude swapping’, while a UK study shows that since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, a 63% increase of those numbers occurred. 


One could argue that kink sites and Reddit threads are filled with couples who take pleasure in jointly sharing intimate images of themselves online (and we don’t judge consenting adults here), but the main difference and focus on these types of online interactions, such as nude swapping or revenge porn is consent. As a spouse or partner, it would be devastating to learn that the person you trust is secretly sharing your most private parts with strangers on the internet, without you even knowing. 


With this in mind, we would like to remind our users that YEO Messaging was founded with the vision to provide people with a safer place to message, putting the control back into the hands of the sender.


YEO has features like Burn-After-Reading, which automatically deletes any images, messages, and documents after being viewed by the receiver, as well as a strict no screenshots policy, on Android we have disabled the screenshot functionality completely and on iOS you will immediately be informed if anyone attempts a screenshot and then deletes the message thread. However, the ‘piece de resistance’ feature is the YEO Mode setting that ensures your private messages can only be viewed by the intended recipient, the moment that someone other than the intended tries to view, the screen blurs, safeguarding the sender and their messages from prying eyes. 


In short: We make hitting that send button a lot less risky.


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