Consumer Messaging Services Are Not Suitable for Business or Political Communications

The news of the leaked WhatsApp messages is of no surprise. It shines a light on an ongoing issue with the use of WhatsApp in business and politics, which is that it is not private or secure.

WhatsApp was created as a consumer messaging service and while it has become popular due to its ease of use, its security features are limited. WhatsApp messages can be easily intercepted, allowing anyone in the chat to access the conversation, without alerting other participants that the conversation has been compromised.

Meta owned WhatsApp clearly states within its terms of service that it does not support the product for ‘non-personal use’. It’s privacy policy for Europe states data-sharing policies that most organisations will be very uncomfortable with. It is clear, WhatsApp does not want you to use their consumer app for business communications, and yet so many turn to the app to communicate private and confidential business matters.

This means any confidential information discussed over a WhatsApp group is not secure and could be disclosed at any time. This lack of security puts organisations and individuals at risk of data being leaked, and with the risk of damaging consequences.

Alan Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of YEO Messaging commented on this lack of security:

“The recent reports of Matt Hancock’s leaked WhatsApp messages serves to highlight a major issue with the use of consumer messaging services for business or political communications – it simply isn’t secure. As a private messaging platform, YEO Messaging provides the ultimate secure communication solution. We encrypt all messages end-to-end and provide additional features such as patented continuous facial recognition, ensuring that your conversations remain safe and confidential.”

At YEO Messaging we understand the importance of protecting conversations and data. That’s why our messaging platform takes security seriously; providing an enterprise-grade secure messaging platform that is trusted by business and political leaders around the world.

Choose YEO Messaging for secure, private communication; because when it comes to conversations, privacy matters.