An Open Letter To Our YEO Users

Dear YEO Users (and those on the fence about using YEO),


We know you care about your privacy. We know that even if you have “nothing to hide”, you would rather not have Big Tech, the government or anyone peeping over your shoulder as you’re communicating in the digital world. 


With this letter, YEO publicly confirms that we will protect your human right to privacy whilst using our platform every step of the way. No hidden agendas, no third-party data tracking or commercialisation and no ads, ever. Your personal data is none of our business – nor should it be anyone else’s.


Although our privacy policy already states the following, we thought that in the spirit of Safer Internet Day, we would once again (and very clearly) state how YEO protects you from those pesky Peeping Tom’s:


We promise to ensure that every single message you send on YEO is always completely encrypted. This means that no one – not even us – can interject and see what you send or share.


Screenshots are a huge “no-no” at YEO and always will be. As you may know, we were able to completely disable them on Android devices, while iOS devices will alert our users as soon as a screenshot has been taken while simultaneously deleting the entire message thread. Moreover, we will be raising our concerns and appealing to Apple to allow us to disable the screenshot feature altogether when using YEO in future.


We are continuously improving our facial recognition feature so that when you’re using YEO Mode, you can be 100% assured that no one but the intended recipient will see what you have sent. 


To all our business & healthcare users, we have your back when it comes to compliance. We are proud to say that we comply with GDPR and HIPPA regulations!


Choosing YEO means you have the power. Control is back in your hands. And pressing ‘send’ has never been safer


From all of us at YEO,

Happy Safer Internet Day!