2023 Cyber Security Tech Trends

Despite signs of post-pandemic recovery, remote and online interactions have continued to grow in 2022. With the increase of online interactions, whether personal or for business, we have also seen a major increase in cyber attacks, phishing scams and personal data breaches. 

Cyber attacks and breaches will continue to be a problem in 2023. More and more people and businesses are paying closer attention and are now more aware than ever of the dark side of the web. We share below some predictions for this year by Alan Jones, Our Co-Founder and CEO.


Phishing is here to stay

“I believe phishing attacks will continue to grow and become more and more sophisticated in 2023. Businesses are relying on messaging as a way to communicate with their customers. Unless businesses use authentication and can prove to their customers that they are who they say they are, they will remain vulnerable.”


Need for authentication

It was recently made public that Amazon’s Wikr messaging app has decided to turn off its consumer application. One of the reasons being that it could not control the nefarious activity on their platform. To me, this just highlights the need for more authenticated channels of communication. People need to know who they are speaking to and platforms need to pay closer attention to putting in the right safe-guards to enforce correct conduct figma on their platforms”


The privacy penny will finally drop

“With Meta’s growth declining, Twitter’s future a little unsteady and Amazon withdrawing Wikr – all are showing cracks and demonstrating that the world is waking up and are understanding the value of their privacy and personal data.”

The rise of privacy business culture

“We have already started to see this happen with GDPR, the online safety act, the increase in privacy roles in the workforce and major tech companies updating privacy policies. Businesses have started to shift their culture to incorporate a privacy ethos. Whether that be while their workforce works hybrid, placing a dedicated Privacy Officer or putting in place protocols for when they are hit by a cyber attack.”


Growth of facial recognition technology

“We’re already seeing facial recognition technology being used in a number of different industries, from security to healthcare. Companies are expected to continue to invest heavily in this technology as it’s deployed across more and more sectors. In 2023, we anticipate facial recognition will become the go-to solution for authentication in many areas.”


Accessibility for all

“Companies will continue to focus on making their products and services more accessible for all users in 2023. We anticipate that technologies like voice-based interfaces, eye tracking systems and single-swipe authentication will become commonplace in the coming year.”


Secure Messaging

“With rising concerns about privacy and data protection, we expect messaging apps to become even more secure in the next year. End-to-end encryption, self-destructing messages and other protective measures will be vital in keeping user data safe.”