Privacy. Security. Control. You get the message.

Next-generation secure, private messaging for Your Eyes Only. 

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Your privacy is what gets us up in the morning.


YEO is a next-generation secure, private messaging platform that authenticates not just the device, but the intended recipient. So you can decide who views your content, as well as where and when they see it.

Today, businesses and individuals are using private messaging more and more to conduct their daily goings-on. But most popular messaging platforms do not meet compliance or legal requirements for business use… and though we rely on trust, we lose control of our content
the moment we hit ‘send’.


Verify the recipient

Continuous facial recognition authenticates the person looking at the device… so only the intended recipient can view your messages.

Control over your content

Nothing can be downloaded, forwarded, screengrabbed or shown to anyone else without your permission.

Encryption, elevated

Encryption isn’t optional. We use cutting-edge end-to-end encryption technology to secure all messages from the moment they’re sent to the point that the recipient’s face has been verified.

Geofence technology

Apply a geofence to your messages, allowing you to control where and when they are viewed.

Free from ads. Forever.

To protect your privacy and keep YEO free from intrusive, unwanted messages, we’ll never open up the platform to advertisers – our customers are our users, not marketers.

Compliant and reliable

YEO offers a real solution for businesses (and individuals) who want to reclaim control over their data.

"YEO Messaging has changed the way we communicate with our peers and our patients. YEO offers a cure to privacy ailments for the healthcare industry! "

- Charles East, Consultant Surgeon

"I have been working with startups and scaleup firms for the past 14 years and was immediately taken by the technology, the potential and the professionalism & calibre of the team. I am really looking forward to watching YEO Messaging go from strength to strength."

- Julia Streets, Streets Consulting

"From my work on National Security operations I know all communication apps promise security. YEO however can actually back this claim up. YEO ensures you know who you are messaging and that only you can read your messages. This is the next level for personal and corporate security and I am genuinely impressed by the benefits YEO will bring to users. "

- Clarke Jarrett, Former Head of Counter Terrorism for London

"YEO has become our go-to messaging platform at LinkiLaw Solicitors and now we are starting to use it to message with our clients. It ticks all the boxes - secure, private and compliant."

- Zhanna Zenina, CEO LinkiLaw Solicitors

"When I was first introduced to YEO I knew right away that it was going to be a game-changer in the communications platform space and fill a major gap left by the most popular and prominent messaging apps used around the world today."

- Rosette Pambakian, Former Head Marketing and Communications Founding Team at Tinder