Privacy like you’ve never known it

A unique bridge that builds trust between businesses and their customers.


YEO gives control back to the sender. The sender maintains ownership and control over their content at all stages.


YEO is the trusted communication solution to the prevalent issue of privacy and control of data.


We believe in privacy and confidentiality for individuals and businesses. YEO will never commercialize our users data.

Young businessman smiling and using smartphone in restaurant

Next generation private messaging connecting…

Bank to Customer

Lawyer to Client

Doctor to Patient

Business to Client

Doctor to Doctor

Lawyer to Lawyer

Lawyer to Client

YEO gives you absolute privacy, confidentiality and control over your messages, images and files.

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We are currently piloting with businesses in the financial, health, delivery and law industries.

YEO will soon be available for iOS, Android and Desktop. If you are interested in trialling YEO messaging, please sign up below.

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