Meet The Team: Alan Wilson

I began computing at an early age as a means of exploring my interest in sci-fi and technology, quickly realising that my passion could easily translate into a fascinating and gratifying career.

Armed with ambitions and aspirations, I went off to university, achieving a First in Computer Science. Initially, I specialised in the search engines that were emerging in the late 90s and this led to a job at GlaxoSmithKline where I was detailed with solving their data and indexing issues.

My drive to forge forward in the digital world led to work across industries as diverse as pharma and defence, government and finance. Within the financial sector, I held senior development positions for both JPMorgan and Barclays (London and New York).

But by 2014, I was looking for more freedom and founded Aventus Consulting through which I could explore more entrepreneurial opportunities.

I’ve never looked back! Over the last seven years, I have partnered a number of CEOs to help shape their tech and talent strategy. My work has covered health tech, insurance turn-around, fin-tech and blockchain ventures. And now I’m delighted to be part of the YEO success story. 



I was introduced to the novel concept of YEO at my first meeting with Alan Jones (CEO of YEO) and Sarah Norford-Jones (CMO, YEO co-founder).

It ticked all the boxes in terms of the privacy, security, intelligence and agility required by a superior messaging platform. 

YEO’s launch came at a time of raging debate about data exploitation and privacy concerns from tech giants. Even now, there isn’t a solid platform for businesses to exchange information securely and in accordance with today’s requirements, instant, data secure and confidential.

So I recognised YEO’s potential immediately, not just for individuals, but more importantly, for business. 

The application has a number of radical new features such as facial recognition, shoulder surfing controls, geofencing and a flexible data privacy model that makes it truly unique.

The journey to success however, is long and complex. The old adage is true, ‘people don’t invest in ideas, they invest in people.’ We embarked upon a journey to assemble the best possible team to transform the concept into a viable product, managing to secure a spot in CyLon the premier Cyber accelerator; one of only eight firms to make the cut out of 130+ applicants.



In my opinion, YEO is about more than its unique security features and focus on privacy, YEO is about building a platform that people and businesses can trust.

It will be that ‘trust’ that will drive YEO to be a global success as the communication platform of choice, for professionals and businesses alike.