If someone sends us illegal content on YEO how can I take it down?

  We ask our users to notify us of any misuse of the application. We reserve the right to cancel any subscription and remove subscribers if they are in breach of the YEO terms of use.          

Can I be certain that my conversation partner won’t take a screenshot?

  If the content is private you should trust the person you are sending it to. There is no way for us to be certain that they won’t take a screenshot of your content. However, we will notify you so you will know immediately and the moment they attempt the screenshot the rest of the […]

Do you allow screenshots?

  Apple does not enable Apps to prohibit screenshots under iOS. It is against our ethos however, it is very hard to stop a user from doing this. We do not have all the answers, however, we do know that content only displays if the intended recipient’s face is recognized throughout the screening process. Trying […]

Why should I trust you?

  Good question. YEO is totally open about its product, motivation and ethos. You now have to decide if you wish to take the time to try it. You have 30 days to play with the product, check the performance and to ensure yourself of the product and company’s integrity.        

How secure is YEO?

  YEO uses double ratchet encryption. This is recognized as one of the most secure encryption methods available and has yet to be broken. We will continue to enhance the encryption and can introduce new encryption techniques and styles without interrupting your messaging. Simply put, each time we send a message the encryption key is […]