How do I set a geofence on my message?

  You need the address where you wish to place the geofence. The geofence acts as a perimeter. You can set a perimeter from meters to miles by simply expanding the circle around the location on your screen.        

Can I delete a message once it’s been sent?

  Yes, we give our users complete control over their messages. You can delete them whenever you want. When you delete messages they are immediately erased from the server so the recipient will no longer see them.        

What file types can I send?

  PDF, JPG and video. We will add other file types in the future according to the demand.        

What if I want my message to be saved for longer?

  Messages you send are stored on your device. If you wish to keep a message for longer then ask the sender to either resend or release it for local storage.        

How long are my messages saved on the server for?

  We store encrypted messages on our server for 14 days after which they are automatically deleted.        

Can I use emojis on YEO?

  Yes, simply enable the emoji keyboard in your smartphone device by going to settings – general – keyboards – add new keyboard, then switch to that keyboard when you are out of words.        

How will I know if one of my contacts is already connected to YEO?

  You can search your contacts list using their name. You can request to become a contact at any time to those in your contact list.        

How do I invite my friends?

  There is an option in the app to invite your friends. Go to settings > invite friends. You can also invite your friends by Twitter, Facebook, Text message and email when you sign up.        

Who can I message?

  You can only communicate with people who you have accepted into your contacts list.