How are you going to make money out of this?

  Our main aim is to provide privacy for our users. To receive the full version of YEO you need to purchase a subscription.        

Will you have ads or sell my data?

  No, never! It is against our ethos. We take your privacy seriously. YEO is a subscription app and we ask you to pay a small monthly fee to enable us to maintain and continue to develop the product.          

Who are the people behind YEO?

  YEO is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Alan Jones. He wanted to introduce a method which enabled people to control their content and not release privilege the moment they hit “send”. Alan designed the product with Luca Rognoni, the CTO who has over 25 years experience in design and coding digital rights management, anti […]

Which devices can I use?

  YEO can operate on iOS devices from the iPhone SE and up, we are working hard to release it for Android users, tablets, desktop and enterprise.        

How is YEO different to Telegram, Whatsapp, Signal?

  YEO helps towards GDPR compliance as it does not use private data other than that given on signup, user name and email address. All private information and every message is encrypted and the decryption key is never stored with the message. With YEO encryption is not an option, it is a mandatory feature. YEO […]

What is YEO?

YEO is short for Your Eye Only, a secure messaging platform for mobile, desktop and enterprise users. YEO provides ultimate privacy, confidentiality, security and control of messages, images, videos and files by using continuous facial recognition while viewing on any device.

Who is YEO for?

Anyone who wants ultimate privacy and control over their messages and content.