Does it work with a photo or a recording of my face?

  YEO looks for a “live” facial detection through a random gesture, although at YEO we believe that nothing is impossible, as of yet our live face detection has not been fooled by photos or videos. We pledge to continually add features that ensure that the face recognition remains state of the art. However, like […]

Does it read my face in the dark?

  No, not in complete darkness. Facial recognition requires a source of light to be able to detect the user’s face. How much light you need depends on your surroundings. However, successful logins have occurred in poor light.        

Does it read my face if I am wearing glasses or sunglasses?

  Sunglasses prevent the camera from seeing the user’s eyes which means the facial recognition engine will most likely fail. Glasses can sometimes reflect ambient or artificial light causing the facial recognition engine an issue. Sometimes moving the position of your face in relation to your device can be enough so that the light does […]

What if I change my look?

  Our facial recognition engine continuously learns and maintains a current print of your facial features. Facial hair, minor cosmetic treatments such as botox and wearing reading glasses, should not affect facial recognition as long as the eyes can be seen. However, major changes to your appearance can affect facial recognition.        

Why do you take nine photos of me when I sign up?

  More photos improve the facial recognition accuracy. We focus on recording your image in a similar way to enrolling with your fingerprints. Each picture completes more of the puzzle which builds your profile.