Server Side Lead

We are looking for a highly skilled senior server side developer to join our team at YEO. You’ll take a lead in designing and developing our sever side technologies, ensuring that are scalable and performant enough to meet the 24/7 demands of our customers and the future projected growth. You will be involved in our product development from ideation to deployment and beyond, and working as a key member of Yeo to ensure timely execution of new features or products.

The ideal person for this role is someone with enterprise experience who has a passion for new languages like NodeJS. You should also be a problem-solver with an inquisitive and innovative mind, who loves to collaborate with other to drive the company forward.

Essential skills:

  • 10+ years of server-side design and development in a professional environment
  • Advanced experience in NodeJS
  • Advanced experience in AWS
  • Advanced experience in MySQL and databases in general
  • Advanced experience of Micro sever architecture
  • Intermediate experience of Security protocols
  • Intermediate experience Java or C++ or C#
  • An understanding of NLP and ML libraries
  • Experience of Agile or Scrum development practices

To apply please get in touch by sending your resume and cover letter to

September 18, 2019